lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

My Family

Hello, this is my family tree,
I have 4 grand parents (2 RIP), 3 ants and 4 uncles, 10 cousins, 2 uncles in law, and 3 ants in law.

My closest family is my mom (Yamile), my dad (Angel), my brother (Andrés) and my pet (Clinton).

So, this is my family, in this unit, we built our family tree so that we could learn the denomination for every relative and so that we could learn more about each student's family, I like my family, so this was fun.

mom, dad and Andres (my brother)

Conclusion and Comments I Wrote

After taking english 3, I learned how to write a lot of new words that before I could only pronnunce, thanks to the blogger.

In class I practiced the grammar of the language.

Since I learned to speak english being too young, I forgot many of the thing that I was teached, and with english 3 I remembered them.

Comments I posted:
Hi Victoria, It's Carlos, I think your blog is pretty cool, I really like the shows you mentioned, today I'll see "The Simpsons movie", what did you think about it?

Hello Merak, it's Solrac, looks like you had a very fun vacation, once I went to Falcon too, and it was very fun, congratulation for your family, they look very happy!

lunes, 30 de julio de 2007


Hobbies? well, my hobbies would be: watching tv, chating and playing on the pc, it's no big deal, but that's what I like doing.

My favorite show is "The Simpsons", but that's excluding the last couple of seasons, since they changed a writer I don't enjoy it as much as I used to.

Since I have a computer in my room, and it is equipped with abba, I can be connected to the web as long as I want to, so I chat a lot.

On the pc I play: Starcraft, and Counter-Strike. Which aren't new games, but since they can be played on the web, It's fun to play them with people, and sometimes I play them with Victor, who's a friend of mine. I'm waiting for Starcraft II to come out, but it dosen't has a release date yet, it has only been announced.

My favorite movie

My favorite movie is “Star Wars”; I have seen all the movies several times, the story is pretty cool. My favorite one, is the last movie that was released, “Episode III: Revenge of the sith”, it’s pretty cool because you see the main character become bad; his power corrupted him, wow!

I began to see the movies because I bought one of my favorite games ever, “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” when I was about 9, so after that I got kind a hooked up in the franchise.

So, I’m kind of a fan of “Star Wars”, I think it’s a pretty interesting science fiction saga, that is worth watching, not just for the cool effects, but for a great story.


My favorite vacation was the one my family and I took when I was about 13 years old, we went to the United States for three weeks, we staied in my aunt's house in Tampa, and we went to the amousement parks that are in Florida, wich was only like 45 minutes away, so it was great.
We visited, "Ilands of Adventure", "Bush Gardens", "Adventure Iland", "Universal Studios", we even went to the Tampa Bay Stadium and I saw the yankees play!.

The best park was "Ilands of Adventure" (at that time it was the newest one) it has the spider-man atraction, jurasic park, the roaler coaster "Hulk", live theater, it had everything!
We built a lot of happy memories on those vacations, those are some vacations that I'll never forget.


I live in Maracaibo also known as "La tierra del sol amada", wich means the beloved land of the sun.

I like Maracaibo, it has pretty much everything you need: Hospitals, good services, restaurants, malls, good colleges, and sadly way too much pleople. Most of the Zulia population lives in Maracaibo and that makes it uncomfortable to live here sometimes, but it's not something I worry a lot about, despite the fact that there is a lot people, things work quite well around here, we have good streets, green areas, an airport, movie theaters, etc. So you have many ways to entertain yourself. It's a beautiful city and I enjoy living here.

lunes, 11 de junio de 2007

My daily routine

This is pretty much what I do everyday, once so often I do something different, but by reading this you will get an idea of how is my life.

  • Every day I wake up around 10 am
  • I watch tv or study untill noon
  • At noon I have lunch with mom
  • I go to college around 12:30 pm
  • My classes end at 5:10 pm everyday
  • I wait untill 6:30 pm for my mom to pick me up at "plaza de toros"
  • I go home, eat, and start sending messages or start chating on my pc
  • I watch tv or play nintendo or study or go out.
  • I go to bed around 2:00 am

So, that´s pretty much it, it´s nothing special, but it´s what I do and I like it.